Sgt/Major (Retired) William J. STEWART MVO

As the former Riding Master of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police I had several opportunities to witness first hand Alan Hiscox’s equine expertise. Alan is considered a world class expert on mounted crowd control and is a captivating lecturer on the subject. I have seen Alan train and lead the famous Metropolitan London Activity Ride and was always impressed by their skill, precision, and turnout of both horses and riders. Alan is a very knowledgable and passionate horseman who cares deeply about the horses and is respectful of his students. I would not hesitate to recommend Alan Hiscox to any Mounted Unit who wishes to improve their public order techniques , precision drill team skills and overall equine training and management.


Mark Wein – Former Managing Director/Owner Grandstand Group

Alan was the Officer in Charge and Lead Rider of the Metropolitan Police Display Ride when they performed during my ownership of the Horse of the Year Show and The British Open Showjumping Championships. He led the Ride four times at HOYS between 2000 and 2007 and twice at The British Open in 2004 and 2009. Under Alan’s management and direction the Police Activity Ride was always one of the favourite attractions at the Shows. His professional approach, reliability and meticulous attention to detail was second to none and thus always ensured the success and continued development of what was arguably one of the best equine display rides in the world. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and was a credit to the Mounted division of the British Police Force.


Major (Retd) Richard Waygood LG. M.B.E.

I have known Alan for over 30 years, during the last 9 years of my army career as Riding Master of the Household Cavalry I worked closely with Alan. I was immediately impressed by his depth of knowledge and understanding of both ceremonial and law enforcement equestrianism. He is a determined, hard working motivated coach who has natural leadership qualities inspiring those around him to fulfil their full potential. It was this attitude and commitment that produced the world famous Metropolitan Police Activity Ride to the highest of standards.

Alan has a natural empathy and synergy with the horse and is able to communicate this to his pupils filling them with confidence and enthusing them. His enthusiasm, professionalism and self motivation inspires those around him to emulate his work ethos, thus producing the highest of standards.

Alan has been and still is a great ambassador for the Military and Police Services equine world. I would highly recommend him as a coach / trainer / instructor for all levels.


Doug Jensen, Chief Trainer, Vancouver Police Mounted Squad

In 2000, the Vancouver Police Mounted Squad was looking to expand its role in public order management. Following intensive research, the squad contacted Inspector Alan Hiscox of the London Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch training facility for his assistance. For the next twelve years, Inspector Hiscox (ret.) organized, facilitated, and instructed at annual public order seminars attended by several mounted units from the west coast of Canada and the United States, including the Vancouver Police. During this time, Inspector Hiscox (ret.) greatly enhanced the abilities of Vancouver’s horses and riders, while teaching the squad effective and accepted tactics in the use of horses for public order. As a result of this training, the Vancouver Police Mounted Squad successfully deployed twelve horses in a public order capacity for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and were of central importance in restoring order during the 2011 Vancouver Stanley Cup riot. Without Inspector Hiscox’s training, the Vancouver Police Mounted Squad would not have been capable of the role it played in both these major events.


John Bainbridge ex-C/Superintendent (MPS, Norfolk & HMIC)

“I have known Alan for over 30 years and worked closely with him in the MPS. Alan was a highly qualified and competent inspector within the prestigious Met Police Mounted Branch for many years and he gained a well deserved reputation for delivering exemplary services from the branch. His expertise and experience in mounted policing continues to be in demand across the world; indeed there are few that can offer his insight into this specialist area of policing.”


Sgt James Rose, Dallas Police

After our training for the Superbowl, we used our horses on a parade which drew over 200,000 people every one of our horses and riders did a great job. We have received a ton of positive media coverage and the success, I believe, is directly related to the training provided. Thank you!