Alan Hiscox CV

Alan served 32 years in the British Police; 26 of those years in the Mounted Branch of the London Metropolitan Police. He recently retired from the Metropolitan Police with exemplary service.

Currently – Director of Safety – British Horse Society

Previously – Equine Consultant

  • Advisor to Royal Oman Police Mounted Division. Carried out Inspection and reported to Inspector General ROP.
  • Completed review of Abu Dhabi Mounted Division.
  • Selected to be Lead Consultant and Senior Trainer to establish a Mounted Police Unit.
  • Organised and delivered strategic and tactical training to the Dallas and Fort Worth Mounted Police, USA in preparation for the NFL Superbowl.
  • Organised and delivered training for the North West American Mounted Police Seminar held in Portland (USA) involving 30+ officers and horses from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver (Canada).

Previously – London Metropolitan Police

Chief Equitation Officer

Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch Training School, Imber Court.

Organised and delivered 2 weeks strategic and tactical training to the Durban Mounted Police, Sth Africa in preparation for the 2010 World Cup.

Organised and delivered strategic and tactical training to Vancouver Mounted Police, Canada in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Organised and delivered equitation and tactical training for the Lexington Mounted Police Colloquium, held at Kentucky Horse Park, USA involving 100+ officers and horses.

Organised and delivered training for the North West American Mounted Police Seminar held in Vancouver (Canada), Seattle and Portland (USA) involving 30+ officers and horses in 2001 – 2010

  • Organised and delivered training for Mounted Police Departments in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio held in La Porte, USA involving 30+ officers.
  • Organised and delivered strategic and tactical public order training to Garda Siochana Mounted Unit in Dublin.
  • Confidential Equine Assignments (various).
  • Designed a fully structured confidential training programme for selected Mounted Branch personnel.
  • Leader of Metropolitan Police Display Ride at Horse of the Year Show, Olympia, Royal Tournament, Spanish Riding School of Vienna UK Tour, British Open Show Jumping Championships, Northern Ireland Horse Show, World Para Dressage Championships, Amsterdam Horse Show, World Polo Games and other major shows. As leader of this ride he was responsible for the training and development of the horses and the officers, design of the ride, music for the ride, establishing title sponsorship for the ride, liaising and negotiating with Show Directors and Promoters. He was presented with a commendation by senior management for the Activity Ride’s performances
  • Designed, developed and presented ‘Training the London Police Horse’ Demonstration at the South West Equestrian Fair, and at The Your Horse Live Event, National Agricultural Centre, Warwickshire. Commended for this work.
  • Chair of National Mounted Police Training Sub Group. (Chief Assessor) Responsible for the national training and development plan of mounted officers. Arranged all riding assessments for police officers in UK.
  • Secretary of Assistant Chief Police Officers Mounted Police Working Group. Commended for outstanding service to ACPO.
  • Designed, published and ensured common standards in troop drill commands and movements in UK.
  • Delivered presentations and briefings about the strategic and tactical use of horses in the UK to Chief Police Officers of Canada, USA, Europe, Arabian States, Russia, Australia and Japan.
  • Designed and delivered National Mounted Police Supervisors Tactical Training Course.
  • Designed and developed the Metropolitan Police Mounted Branch 175th Anniversary Parade in Horse Guards Parade Sq.
  • Designed a fully structured Red/Amber/Green training schedule for police horses that rationalised and enabled thorough management of horse status.


  • Responsible for the development and performance of all training school staff.
  • Responsible for selection, purchase, training and retirement of all Metropolitan Police horses. (130 horses)
  • Organised and delivered the yearly training plan for 150 mounted police officers in London.
  • Judge for British Riding Clubs Quadrille Final at Olympia