Alan Hiscox


- Law Enforcement Equestrian Trainer
- Public Speaking Engagements


Alan Hiscox, expert Law Enforcement Equine Trainer

  • Alan will train your unit to world-class standards
  • Your team will achieve advanced tactical and strategic skills
  • Your unit will be prepared and confident to meet any eventuality


The speaker for your event; Alan Hiscox

  • Alan will Ignite & Surprise his audience
  • Discover the secret world of a Mounted Police Officer
  • Learn of Alan’s 32 years of Professionalism, Pride and Pantomime!

Recently, Alan has been busy on assignment including:

  • Advisor to Royal Oman Police Mounted Division. Carried out Inspection and reported to Inspector General ROP.
  • Completed review of Abu Dhabi Mounted Division.
  • Selected to be Lead Consultant and Senior Trainer to establish a Mounted Police Unit of 140 horses,
  • Organised and delivered strategic and tactical training to the Dallas and Fort Worth Mounted Police, USA in preparation for the NFL Superbowl.
  • Organised and delivered training for the North West American Mounted Police Seminar held in Portland (USA) involving 30+ officers and horses from Portland, Seattle and Vancouver (Canada).